20 Reasons Why Every Web Designer Needs to Learn Rails [ROR Network]

RoR Muthukrishnan


She told me her husband was being downsized. He was 52 years old, been with the company for twenty. He was a COBOL man. Nothing but a COBOL man his entire career. But the company needed more than a COBOL man. So they let him go.

That is a true story. It’s about ten years old. But it’s not an uncommon story, especially in today’s rapidly-changing tech environment and somewhat dismal economy.

In fact, you probably know somebody that’s been let go or overlooked because of a lack in a certain skill set. The only difference is that you don’t have to wait until your early fifties to get downsized.

Today that can happen at 30. Even 25.

Enter Ruby on Rails

Typically the guy or gal with the most developing tools under their belt wins. It leads to the sweetest projects. The most perks. The best salary.

This is…

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Single Page Application Done Right

Web Development Insights

Single Page What?!

Not too long ago, FTBpro.com moved its website from classic web architecture (CWA) to a single-page application (SPA). For those who are less familiar with SPA, the major differences between the two are as follows:

  1. First client request:
    • CWA: The server returns a full HTML page
    • SPA: The server returns a set of templates and data which is then rendered to the full HTML page, by Javascript, on the client side.
  2. Subsequent requests
    • CWA: The server returns a full HTML page
    • SPA: The server returns only the data needed to display the request. Since all templates are already on the client side from the first request, no HTML/CSS/JS should be delivered.

To put it in simpler words – while in CWA the client gets a full HTML page on each request, in SPA the client gets all needed to be able to render the HTML by itself…

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